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Newsletter Honey Creek at Bailey Ranch

Honey Creek at Bailey Ranch Summer Newsletter 2021

Heads up, everyone! We’re getting close to the August HOA members’ meeting to be held on August 28th. We’re going to have several big items to bring up for a vote as well as the usual updates on repairs, maintenance, and financials. Time and location will be forthcoming and reminder signs will reposted in the neighborhood.

Local Neighborhood Items and Problem Areas

Neighbors have been bringing up the dog walking issue.... dog walkers, and I include myself, MUST pick up after our pets! Our neighbors’ yards and sidewalks are not doggie toilets, so please get some plastic doggie poopie bags and always carry one with you when walking your “best friend”. Those bags are available at any pet store such as PetSmart, Southern Ag, etc. We’re considering signage regarding picking up after our dogs to be voted on at the meeting.

Another sore spot with many is un-mowed yards and especially yards not being edged. Many yards are allowed to grow out onto the sidewalks ad it looks very sloppy. Also, when mowing, yard waste should be either mulched back into the yard or bagged. I know it’s just so easy to blow it into the street where it will go into the storm drains, but that’s against city ordinance. The reason is that it can cause storm drains to become clogged which can produce flooding, and we’ve had some heavy rains hit us recently and we definitely don’t want our storm drains to back up.

Another area of concern is sidewalks that have settled or buckled causing uneven pavement. I have submitted a map of locations with uneven sidewalks to the city, but it’s a very low priority thing on their “to do” list at Public Works. But use caution when walking. You may see some with faint green marking, those have been turned in to the city. Still, use caution when walking and watch your footing, especially older folks!

Something else to be considered when walking in the neighborhood is overhanging tree limbs. City ordinance requires shrubs to be trimmed back so as to not protrude out into the sidewalk area. In addition tree limbs and branches must be cut back so as to have at least an eight foot clearance to avoid contact with vehicles and persons walking. If you see a home with shrubbery or tree limbs protruding into the sidewalk area, either notify the city via the “Report a Concern” link on the city website, the HOA via the board email, or you can ask the neighbor personally. Also, the HOA doesn’t usually get involved in homeowner-to-homeowner issues unless there’s a major violation of covenants such as noxious activity. However, an important thing to remember is that if tree on my property has limbs that extend over my neighbor’s property (across the property line), my neighbor has the right to cut off such limbs. Usually, though, such issues can and should be resolved by negotiation between the parties involved.


Other Items

Watch for the signs alerting everyone to the availability of the newsletter and the upcoming meeting. The meeting agenda will be posted on the website, but likely will include important items involving simplifying/modifying/combining of covenants, possible modifications to the bell tower at the circle, sodding around the ponds, entry shrubs replacement after the harsh winter, to mention just a few. We’ll be putting forth more specifics in the actual agenda. This HOA meeting will be an important one so plan to attend. It will be on August 28th, time and location to be announced.

Ben Bancroft, Pres. HCBR HOA Board