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Dead Fish in the Ponds

Recently, we our ponds "turned over", and many fish died. This was due to the mixing of pond water levels caused by the changing temperatures of the surface water. We had a lot of hot weather that warmed up the top layer of the ponds, which was oxygen rich. The colder bottom layer (hypolimnion) is oxygen deprived.

The rain and clouds on Wednesday cooled the top layer of the water, making it more dense than warm water. It sank to the bottom of the pond, bringing the less dense, oxygen deprived water to the top and throughout the water column (turnover). 

When the bottom has little-to-no oxygen, it causes a fish kill. It's more common with small ponds and happens throughout the summer.


TurnPro Aquatics, who treats our ponds, uses environmentally friendly products that will not harm fish or wildlife. They will be testing the oxygen levels to see if they are back to normal.

Lost Item Found

A ring was found near the ponds. If you have lost one, please email a description to

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