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                              Honey Creek at Bailey Ranch Newsletter

                                                                  May 2022

Well, we have gotten the results of our survey regarding the combining of restrictive covenants for Honey Creek I and Honey Creek II, and the amending of those covenants to make our neighborhood a bit more livable and accepting of people’s needs as times have changed since the subdivisions were built 20 years ago. The results are as follows: 

Combine HC1 & HC2 Covenants           Amend/Change Covenants 

Yes...53                                                              Yes.....55  

No... 15                                                               No......13 

Uncertain...2                                                    Uncertain...2 

So, to answer some of the questions that were asked by members, there are, in fact, two subdivisions here at Honey Creek and each has its own set of covenants. Why, I don’t know.  I’d have to just guess that the developer used a different project manager and while the same developer built HC2, the covenants of HC1 were not considered by that project manager for the second part of the development. This is why we are trying to combine the two sets of covenants now.  

Regarding the questions asked about specifics, we were asked by our attorney to simply obtain an overall opinion as to whether homeowners would be in favor of combining and amending our covenants. It’s going to be a monumental task, but the board believes it can be done. I’m hoping to be able to present a covenant draft proposal at the August HOA meeting which will have actual specific changes and amendments to existing covenants for HC1 and HC2. 

I urge everyone to go to the website and open the covenant links and see exactly what is stated therein. Then, some of the changes, amendments and deletions we hope to propose should make sense. At least I hope so! 

Several responders mentioned uncertainty or negative thoughts about “commercial trucks”.  That’s very understandable. However, what we are considering are pickup trucks and vans only, and those of three-quarter ton capacity (3/4ton) or less. No semi tractors, dump trucks, bucket trucks and the like. Pickups and vans 3/4ton or less only and which have company logos. 

Some were asking about campers. Sadly, not everyone keeps their campers in spotless condition like those I’m familiar with in HCBR.  If we were to allow campers to be stored in homeowners’ driveways, then we’d surely, at some point, have someone with an old clapped out, beat up, rusty unit he uses for a hunting/fishing cabin in his driveway. Sad, but true. It’s just one of those things. If we approve one, we have to approve all.  So, no campers are allowed to be stored in driveways in HCBR, as the present covenants state. 

Roofing materials are another area of contention and consideration. While the covenants stated Tamko Heritage II Weathered Wood, that particular shingle went through a period of poor availability. Plus, it is a “builder grade” shingle. We’ve had many homeowners request a premium grade shingle for better protection against wind and hail, and we’d like to be able to accommodate those requests.  There are many with a wood tone, similar to Heritage Weathered Wood, out there. Requests for specific colors, etc., would have to be made to the HOA prior to installation. Some have gone ahead and installed black shingles without HOA approval, and those will very likely be receiving a covenant lien stating that in the event of roof damage requiring replacement, the home will have to be brought into covenant compliance. And if the house is sold, the buyer shall be notified that it is not in compliance.  

Mailboxes have been a nuisance item for many residents as they leak, aren’t lockable, made of cheap metal, etc. While residents may obtain the same present style and type from Streetlamps of Tulsa, the board would like to be able to recommend and approve one that looks like what we have now, but is more weather proof and has a locking option such as the “Polar Aurora Mailbox”, in cast aluminum(regular) and a heavy duty version that’s a bit more expensive. Both are available on Amazon. Brick mailboxes have been available to homeowners upon request with approval from the board when made with brick matching that on the house and can have a gothic or arched top. We’d like to make this a permanent change not requiring approval and consider the Polar Aurora as an approved replacement to present mailboxes. 

The number of trees in a homeowner’s yard should be made the homeowner’s decision. Some lots cannot support the present requirement of two trees, so this covenant should be amended or removed entirely. 

Solar panels are a controversial issue and I’ve heard there may be a time when an HOA will not be able to prohibit them. One company rep I spoke with said that his company only installs them on rear or side roof, never on the front. Most panels are now flat on the roof, not elevated. So, maybe that would be OK with most residents as they wouldn’t be so conspicuous. So, perhaps approval based on information submitted to Architectural Design Committee? We’d like opinions... 

Add a covenant requiring dog walkers to pick up after their pets. All it takes is a small plastic bag, either a shopping bag or a “poop” bag available at Pet Smart and other stores.  

Some would like a covenant requiring yards be bagged or mulched when mowed. If our storm drains get filled up with grass clippings, we could experience flooding. Sounds like something to be enforced by the city. However, there’s already an ordinance prohibiting blowing grass clippings into the streets.  

Some would also like a covenant stating that yards are to be kept no higher than 4 inches, and all sidewalks and curbs be edged. Most residents do this already, but some let things get pretty sloppy. Edging could be covered by the “neatly maintained” already in para. Q of the covenants. Plus, grass height is already covered by city ordinance. 

Other news...We’re about to start renovating the Mingo entrance, tearing out the old shrubs and putting in new ones along with Nandina Nana, Blue Atlas cedars, and repairing the sprinkler system. We’re also planning to add some new shrubs at the entrance on E96th Street and some Nellie Stevens or Foster hollies to hide the PSO meter can. 

Our ponds are also going to get some renovation with a new fountain in the east pond and changes made to raise the levels in both east and west ponds. And, by the way, there will be NO FISHING in the ponds! There are NO fish in them to catch! Hope to get new signs to make that known! 

In closing, the August HOA meeting is tentatively scheduled for August 13th, location TBA. Please plan to attend, we’d like your input on all the covenant issues. I don’t know yet, but I’m hoping that our attorney can be there in case we have some legal questions.  


Ben Bancroft, Pres.