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When are assessments due and how should I pay?

Assessments are due on February 1st every year.  Late fees begin March 1st. Link to online payments. Dues are $140/year. We do NOT use MetroHOA - Do NOT send any payments to that company.

What are the bylaws of your community?

Put a link to the various covenants here

What are the most common covenant violations?

Parking trailers, boats, and/or RVs on the street or driveway. They must be stored in the garage or backyard out of view from the street.

The second most common violation is landscaping - either excessive weeds/lawn height or insufficient landscaping and/or trees.

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Lawn America Ask for Darrell Brown. 50% off the initial treatment and no contract

  • AEP/PSO - Setup electric service or report an outage

  • City of Owasso - Pay water bill, view refuse schedules, and more

    • Report a Problem - Report portholes, street lights out, or police reports using the city's Request Tracker

  • Oklahoma Natural Gas - Setup natural gas service or report an issue

  • Owasso Library - Owasso location of the Tulsa Public Library system

  • Owasso Public Schools - View calendars, contact staff, and enroll online

  • NextDoor - Private social media network for neighborhoods. General information, classifieds, events, lost pets, and more

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